8 People’s Type You Don’t Want To Meet On The Gym

Yes, it is true, a good company of people makes you feel good too to workout. But sometimes if you have a bad luck then you most probably face the resident douchebag at the gym. This is the reality that every gym has one or two or more. Such punks could ruin your workouts, could divert your attentions and some day you feel annoyed having those douchebags at your gym.

Although, douchebags aren’t the only ones you will be expecting at your gym. You will find plenty and lots of some other type of individuals and stereotypes who you’re more likely to meet, and way more if it’s your very first time at your gym. And if this is not your first time you will definitely laugh when you read this article below. Because the fact is, such type of people simply could get on your nerves. So stay put and match those people up with below ones who you don’t want to see in the gym.

The Douchebag

A douchebag shove themselves on your face through mirrors when they are used to show their packs and muscles, and this is gonna be your bad luck if he is right in that position where your face direction meets him right at that point, and you don’t want to break your sets, but yes his flaunting flexes could disrupt you.


The First Timer

These people are so sweet and innocent. They don’t even know what the hell they are doing there, HEY where is your trainer pal, why you’re just staring at everyone’s body.

First Timer

One of the douchbag is the first timer

The Clueless Guy

Introducing the over clever guys, in other words, over-confident. They know everything when they don’t know anything about the workout. They always say “yes, ” and they never say “no” because they don’t have a further explanation of saying no to anything.  They are just the free walkers who walk around for no reason and give “cheese” smiling to everyone. Unfortunately, if you’re the victim of his looks, then that’s your bad day.

Handsome young man over white background

The Over-Lifter Guy

If that gym-ass chick is taking her selfies, the punk will definitely lift the overweight right behind her which he can’t actually handle. Even then he smiles while overweight smashes her ass out.

This is a type you don't want to meet on the gym

Portrait of strong sportsman lifting heavy weight in gym

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The Incorrectly Outfitted

You will just think of them and say quietly “WTF.” Walmart shoppers are everywhere, and you might have one of them at your gym with any hilarious and weird costumes and dresses. You may have an eye sore while looking at them.

“Effortless” Gym Goers

This must have no further justification. And ah, just in case you’re asking yourself, that’s a Television she’s looking at.

Machine Hugger

We know machines are our good friends, and they save our time. The persons you don’t wanna see in your gym are the machine huggers who don’t even let the turn come for anyone else for using that machine.

The Grunter

You meet a male grunter; that’s your bad luck, and if meet female grunter, that’s your luck to refresh your porn fantasies. But mostly females are conscious about their Ohh MPP PPS aarrghh and males are not. If you have a guy very next to you making extremely grunting noises then you could pull your hairs off your head.